Thursday, April 12, 2012

Yellowknife drug trafficking tied to Hells Angels

CBC is reporting that a man testified that he has ties to the Hells Angels in a Yellowknife courtroom Thursday during a drug trafficking trial involving nearly $90,000 worth of marijuana and cocaine.

Robert Livingstone and Rory Moore are charged with possession of drugs for the purpose of trafficking. Livingstone appeared in court to testify against Moore. He testified that he got the drugs from his cousin, who is connected to the Hells Angels. Robert Livingstone has a grade three education and is an admitted drug adict.

He said that while his cousin didn’t offer him money to deliver the drugs to Yellowknife, his cousin often manipulated and bullied him into being his mule and drug runner. He said he was never told what to do with the drugs once he got to Yellowknife. Livingstone testified that he hid drugs in the truck the two were driving from B.C. to Yellowknife.

Speaking of Yellowknife, Rob Yews, owner of recently opened BB Rox, has brought popular clothing like Affliction, Christian Audigier and Ed Hardy, all makers of limited edition clothing, to Yellowknife. Wasn't he the poster boy at the Hells Angels' party in Langley?


  1. Surely one of the main strengths of the Hells is their willingness to operate anywhere.

    The old line Italians here would never have left the lower mainland, even the new crews, like the UN, never left urban life.

    But the HA will find huge cash in the most un-likely places to go & stay, Dawson Creek, Grande Prairie, Kamloops, on & on.

    To use all the towns across Canada, is quite the excellent strategy, as the local Police aren't as capable of catching them...

    They mint gold everywhere.

  2. I agree the Hells Angels are spreading like a virus and making money in small towns. However, I think it's more a matter of exploitation rather than building anything worthwhile. Addictive drugs, exploited prostitution, a whole kaleidoscope of deranged violence. I see it more like a bad plague or STD than a corporate expansion. Communities are left decimated.

  3. I am SHOCKED. SHOCKED, I tell you. Yeah, that middle earth lookin' goon was in my neighborhood for that HA party.

  4. "BB Rox", huh? Interesting name. Perhaps a "clever" reference. Oh well, you'd have to have something to show for why you'd live in Vancouver but be up in Yellowknife all the time. And of course you need a visible means of support when you have no real job.....and the "clothing store" dodge has never been used by HA types before....(Diggstown anyone)....have to launder all those drug profits somehow.....

    The amazing thing is how paper thin all these business ventures/laundries are and yet people (and Revenue Canada) take them at face value......LOL....

    I'm sure Randy Couture will be up in the middle of fucking nowhere to do some signings real soon. :rolleyes:

  5. conecting a shoes salesman to drug trafficking with no evidence you know this guy could charge you with slander for what your doing but of corse your hiding behind the internet but still if he got his lawyer to call the rcmp they could easly get your Ip and have you charged or he could also sew you. You should understand your own laws befor you do this type of work by the way its commonwealth law not canada's hahaha blasphemous libel» is a crime punished with a maximum term of two years in prison, according to Article 296-1 of the Canadian Criminal Code

  6. Why did you put Yews picture with the Caption "Yellowknife drug traffiking tied to Hells Angels"? Makes him look like the drug trafficer till you read article and he has nothing to do with it.

  7. I put Yews picture on the post because he's tied to the Hells Angels and is doing business in Yellowknife. The article said the drug trafficker was connected to the Hells Angels just like Rob Yew is. I don't think he will sew me. I know he can't sue me for telling the truth. There is nothing in the criminal code that makes free speech illegal. BTW since we're all concerned about the truth, what is the name of the cousin the drug dealer claimed was a Hells Angels associate? Please advise.

  8. Hah hah, he 's in the clothing business, so he will sew you.....good one....


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