Monday, April 2, 2012

The Three Amigos and the North American Union

The three amigos are in the news. Harper is meeting with Obama and the president of Mexico to discuss free trade. Free trade is one thing but the north american security prosperity partnership is another. There’s nothing really wrong with free trade. Other than sending our jobs to Mexico so the large corporations can exploit cheap labour.

The problem is signing a free trade agreement that really has nothing to do with free trade. The problem is signing a free trade agreement that forfeits our sovernty and removes our democratic rights. I kid you know.

There have been various names for these secret deals that give courts more power than human citizens. First there was NAFTA. Then there was TILMA. Now there’s the NAU or more covertly known as the North American Security and Prosperity Agreement.

NAFTA opened Pandora’s box and TILMA let the plague loose. Under NAFTA UPS sued the Canadian government because they were unable to compete against Canada Post because they already had a delivery system in tact so they had an unfair advantage in being able to provide consumers with a cost effective product. I kid you not. That’s like suing Greyhound for delivering parcels because they already have a network of busses in place. Greyhound delivering parcels only makes sense. Suing them and trying to stop them so someone else can do the same thing at a greater cost is ridiculous.

TILMA was worse. They signed a provincial free trade agreement that made it illegal for any level of government to create a law that would inhibit a corporation’s ability to make a profit. If you want to create a law that would protect the environment and it inhibited a corporation’s ability to make a profit, then that law would be illegal according to the absurd free trade agreement.

If a democratic society chooses to create a public health care system and that system inhibited a private corporation’s ability to make a profit, then that democratic system would be illegal according to the absurd agreement.

Recently Stephen Harper announced that they would let armed US police officers patrol with Canadian police officers in Canada. That has nothing to do with free trade. It is a colossal concern when the US recently passed the most unpatriot act in recorded history that threw away the constitution and the bill of Rights.

Giving the military power to set up checkpoints and arrest “domestic terrorists” without a charge, without representation and without a fair trial is unprecedented and illegal. Especially concerning when at the same time England labeled everyone in the Occupy movement as a domestic terrorist. It is a huge concern when the government throws away the constitution and bill of rights. That is what wars are fought over.


  1. Nothing new really. The RCMP had a couple of Texas Rangers (State Police) helping them profile drug couriers in B.C. back in the late 90's IIRC and no one realized it until one of the Rangers initiated a traffic stop and someone wondered about his accent. Once the cat was out of the bag, the RCMP promised it would not happen again...If Trudeau was still alive you could hang him and Harper from the same tree for the same offense. Treason.

  2. Haper isn't worthy of licking Trudeau's bootstraps.

  3. While that may be true, Trudeau was one of the worst things ever to happen to Canada. A Marxist lawyer who at one time beonged to the Communist Party of Canada, he "reformed" when he realized that to continue up ward, he would have to become more mainstream. Thus he adopted the "boring from within" that characterizes the 1960's radical set. He went from wanting to tear down the establishment to becoming the establishment to accomplish his goals. And like many of his ilk, he caused more damage than most realize.

  4. I've heard that said before but I totally disagree with it. Trudeau gave us the Charter of Rights. He went head to head against the FLQ in a time of crisis and kept the country together. Everyone likes to throw around the term Marxist this and Marxist that. Stephen Harper is dishonest. He gave us the HST, warrantless surveillance, torture of prisoners and supports large corporations not small business. He is more of a Marxist that Trudeau ever was.

  5. Marxist and Fascist are really very close cousins. The differences are largely immaterial at the "user level", so to speak.

    "HE" went head to head against them?? No more than BHO killed Bin Laden. All that tough talk, "Just watch me". A bag of hot air.

    The FLQ was a blessing for PET. Those fools provided PET the perfect excuse to crack down on not just them but to spy on anyone else the government wanted to. You must be familiar with the RCMP's activities of this type at that time?

    They BOTH scoundrels. One a Marxist,the other a "Neo-Con" as you so often observe. They are both dishonest.


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