Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Intel tying Harkat to 'al-Qaida banker' untrue

Information from the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency used by Canada to link accused Ottawa terrorist Mohamed Harkat to "al-Qaida's banker" was untrue, according to a retired senior CIA official. As published in Today's Vancouver Sun and Vancouver Province.

The man "wasn't the senior member of al-Qaida that we had assessed. He wasn't even a member of al-Qaida," Glenn Carle, who interrogated the man at secret CIA "black-site" prisons in 2002, told a gathering to promote his memoir about the case, The Interrogator: An Education.

Yet as recently as 2010, Canadian Security Intelligence Service evidence before the Federal Court of Canada continued to point to Harkat's relationship with Haji Pacha Wazir as evidence of Harkat's ties to the bin Laden terror network.

1) Information from the CIA was false. No big surprise.
2) Interrogated the man at secret CIA "black-site" prisons. WTF?

Secret CIA black site prison. False information from the CIA.
Isn't anyone going to do the math?

The Interrogator: A CIA insider’s crisis of conscience. In a secret prison, a true believer in the war on terror realized he was tormenting an innocent man. Tormenting or torturing? Isn't this what due process and the Constitution is for? Sarah Palin does not understand the constitution. She's not the only one.

When he still fails to reveal anything, the CIA sends both the prisoner, known as Captus, and his interrogator to Hotel California — the CIA’s most secret detention centre — where the prisoner is tortured. Beyond Repair: The Decline and Fall of the CIA.

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