Thursday, April 26, 2012

Harper reopens abortion debate

One of Harper’s MPs has introduced a private members bill reopening the abortion debate . I am not a fan of abortion on demand as a form of birth control nor am I a fan of late term abortion. When the health of the mother is at risk abortion is automatic. In cases of incest and rape, it is a personal and private decision.

What I do find ironic is that the debate has returned when Harper promised it wouldn’t. That seems to be a consistent problem for Harper’s credibility. As they said on the news, Harper could easily have told his MP not to introduce the bill. He certainly hasn’t had a problem with forcing MPs to tow the party line before.

The concern I have is when a politician pimps the church for their own personal gain. Jeb Bush made a huge scene in Florida denying a woman from having an abortion who was raped. I find that both extreme and hypocritical. Why is it that the most dishonest businessmen that are consistently involved with investment fraud champion some other religious cause to distract the world from their own misdeeds?

I shun extremism. Shooting abortion doctors is extreme. So is the hateful rage against anyone who dares ask moral questions about abortion. Our laws are framed on morals. The law says it is illegal to commit murder and shoot your ex. That law is based on a moral judgment. Some extremists get rageful when you express the truthful concern that abortion stops a beating heart. That rage completely disregards the rights of a father who might want a child the mother doesn’t. My father was adopted. I’m glad his biological mother did not have an abortion.

Abortion is a private and passionate topic. Yet the discussion cannot exist without a reference to morals because that is what our laws are framed on. The conclusion that it is wrong to steal is a moral judgment. I knew a woman in Ireland who deeply regretted her abortion. She told me in confidence that she kept having nightmares of hacked up pieces of baby screaming. I thought to myself that’s sure not something you hear at an abortion clinic. Parenthood is no easy task. Neither is child birth. Yet every decision has a consequence. Calmly and rationally discussing all options and all consequences is imperative in any serious life changing decision.


  1. Wrong. Harper is NOT opening the debate. It is a private member's motion, which was approved by a multi-party committee. Any MP is free to do the same thing (although there may be repercussions)...I think the question is worth asking: When DOES a fetus become a human being? According to the law, it is when the baby has fully exited the birth canal. To me, this is just as outrageous as saying that it becomes a human being at the moment of conception. Surely, between these two extremes lies a reasonable answer.

  2. Harper has a tough row to hoe. If he stops his MP's from putting forward the wishes of their constituents, he's gagging them and if one asks to determine when a child is considered to exist, Harper has lied (Credibility) to Canadians.

    I say, let those that are doing and having the abortions deal with the fact that what they kill looks like and acts like (tries to recoil from the killing instruments) is a human, and then just carry on with the process.

    If it looks like a human, acts like a human it is a human, the question is when does it become one. Currently a child can be born and then killed (partial birth abortions). Seems like a civilized thing to engrave in stone. When does the fetus become a human.

    And I too think it's a personal decision.

  3. Harper is reopening the debate. He wanted the MP to put forward the private members bill. I'm not saying that's a bad thing. I'm just saying he consistently says one thing and does the other. I'm saying he's pimping this issue to get support from the religious right while he pulls a Brain Mulroney and destroys our freedom and our pensions in the process. The legal definition of when a fetus becomes a person. I agree it is before it comes out of the womb. That is common sense. It is clearly a heated and passionate debate. That video the Silent Scream is pretty disturbing.


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