Wednesday, March 21, 2012

2 Years for sexual abuse

Graham James received a two-year prison sentence for sexually abusing ex-NHL star Theoren Fleury and Todd Holt, Fleury's younger cousin. Fleury and Holt said the decision was a national national travesty. They are absolutely right. This ties in with our earlier concerns about judicial arrogance.

Is the public really that stupid? D owe really need to be educated in the law and brainwashed by watered down jurisprudence until we come to understand that two years for sexually abusing two boys is a fair and equitable sentence? I think not. It's time the judges realize their arrogance and their refusal to be publicly accountable is in fact treason.

Fleury and Holt issued a joint statement about the decision:

"We know that childhood sexual abuse has reached epidemic proportions in our country," Holt said. "Graham James once again . . . spread his sickness right through the courts of Canada.

"He conned the judge with his 'poor me' and 'I regret' statements. His lawyer defended the indefensible, and he's been rewarded for doing so . . . Graham James is laughing all the way back to the life he's always led knowing that justice for him is but a blip on the radar."

I don't know if childhood sexual abuse is more prevalent now as oppose to 30 years ago but I do know it is heinous as is this "judgement."

In another case the Crown's appeal of a conditional sentence for a Surrey woman who exposed her three-year-old niece to scalding bathwater, leaving the little girl with extensive burns, has been dismissed.

The offences began on Oct. 21, 2007, when the accused severely shook the infant and then placed her in an over-hot bath for about 10 minutes. Three days latter the tot was taken to Children's Hospital. The girl had extensive burns and bruises to her body.

Sounds like this is the year of failure to defend the child. Canada has now officially de evolved into a backward nations with this glaring flawed system that mocks justice.

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  1. "Is the public really that stupid?"

    Yes, yes they are. Look at the changes in Canadian society over the last 40-50 years. ARE ANY OF THEM for the better? NO. Who has made these changes? POLITICIANS and other scum who have socially re-engineered Canada to fit their "vision" of how it should be. Canada used to have a balance of ideas and outlook from both sides of the political spectrum. And it worked.

    But those who despised Canada's social, cultural, and legal roots worked to undermine what they hated at every turn, AND THE PUBLIC BOUGHT THEIR BS (or at least did not object) AND DID NOT DEFEND WHAT THEY HAD. When you do not defend what you have, someone will take it from you.

    PET was a Marxist and a member of the Communist Party of Canada at one point. Was he strung up like the seditionist rat that he was? No, he was fawned over by the media, who commented breathlessly on his "style" and his marriage to a tramp who fucked around on him in public with rock stars like a a drug addled groupie. And these days he is often referred to as the "Father of Canada". Thought that was John A. McDonald....

    But forget the 60's and 70's. How about Gordon Campbell's theft of B.C. Hydro? There should have been a crowd outside his house with torches and pitchforks calling for his blood. Instead, barely a whimper.

    So, yeah, the Canadian public is stupid. I'm surprised you have to ask. If assisting in one's own gelding while paying the tab for it doesn't qualify, I don't know what does.


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