Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Coke smuggler nabbed in SUV with 'SMUGLER' plate

The Vancouver Province is reporting about Jasmin Klair, the B.C. resident, was nabbed with 10 kilograms of cocaine at Smuggler's Inn in Blaine. I didn't realize the owner of the Inn was involved. That is tragic. They do a lot of good work for kids camps.

Gurjit Singh Sandhu, 24, Narinder Kaler, 25, and 20-year-old woman Jasmin Klair were arrested last December. Kim Bolan reported that Jasmin Klair (pictured above) told U.S. agents he needed to earn money to pay off a $325,000 debt he owed for losing 115 pounds of marijuana about 18 months earlier.

So are these part of the Dhure Dak Pak or did they owe the debt for the Marijuana to the Hells Angels? Either way they don't appear to be very bright. The sad thing is, if he lost 115 pounds of weed and 10 kilos of cocaine, he doesn't have long to live. Tragic indeed. Sometimes the easy money isn't that easy.

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