Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Nabil Alkalil and Larry Amero

While we're on this stroll down memory lane, let's reflect upon the Loft Six shooting Aug 16 2003. Before Loft Six opened in October 2001 after a $200,000 renovation, the nightclub was owned by Hells Angels member Donald Roming, a member of the elite Nomads chapter. Roming, 40, was fatally shot on March 9, 2001, outside the Bar None club in Yaletown following an argument with two men in the bar shortly before closing time. The men took the dispute outside and Roming was shot.

When discussing the Hells Angels take over of the stripper agencies in BC, Andy Richards said "In the early 1990s, the now-dead Hells Angels member Donald Roming was one of the key enforcers helping push others out of the stripper business -- at one point seriously assaulting one of the owners of another agency."

"Without speaking ill of the dead, he was responsible for laying a very serious beating on a 67-year-old man who was involved with one of the independent companies at the time, to the point this guy was hospitalized," he explained. There were no arrests from these "takeovers" because of the victims' reluctance to report the activities to police, he added.

Well, one of the victims of the August 2003 Loft Six shooting was Mahmoud Alkhalil, a 19 year old from Vancouver. His older brother, Khalil Alkhalil, died in a hail of bullets in Surrey in January of 2001.

As a side note, it was Alkhalil's family and friends who allegedly attacked lawyer Phil Rankin outside a New Westminster court a month after that shooting. Rankin was defending Michael Naud who was accused of the second degree murder of Khalil.

I am told that Nabil one of the Alkalil brothers had a wedding this summer in Ottawa in which Larry Amero and Jonathon Bacon attended. Nabil Alkalil was caught with 11 kilograms of cocaine in Ottawa back in 2008 and served a seven year sentence less statutory release.

I am told that Nabil's brother's Terry and Hisham are involved in Ottawa and Vancouver. One of my sources claims Larry Amero is in charge of their business venture. Must be similar to that courier company the guy who was shot in Walnut grove set up in Montreal. Ya gotta wonder who Larry's hanging out with these days after getting shot up with Jonathon Bacon in Kelowna.

I certainly wish no harm upon Larry. I also hope he's no longer involved in the drug trade. Clearly it is a dangerous business as we have seen that steroids don't make you bullet proof. We know that Larry's friend, Jonathon Bacon was involved in the drug trade. We know the organization Larry is a member of is also involved in the drug trade. Unfortunately, that organization has a tendency of eating their own when they no longer need their services. That is what I mean by greed.


  1. AK: "I certainly wish no harm upon Larry."

    Why, when you always verbally assault HA? I am glad he got shot & wish he was dead, as I would like to see every BC HA member shot dead ASAP. They are behind a huge percentage of our gang/drug problems here, so let's just kill them all.

    AK: "I also hope he's no longer involved in the drug trade."

    But it's all he's EVER done, so of course he'll be right back at it as soon as he's healed. You don't just walk away from the Club; you know that...

    I hope they have better aim next time...

  2. I continually raise the concern about the Hells Angels being involved in the drug trade to raise public awareness about that reality so no one gets involved unknowingly. Not so that anyone shoots them. The Hells Angels lie and say we don't sell drugs. They most certainly aren't responsible for all murders but when they are they deny it and say it wasn't us. My concern about Larry is that he gets shot and someone else takes his place business as usual. Yes Larry has a criminal record for drug trafficking, yet people can change. His association with low life Jonathon Bacon was a huge concern. You are quite right that it is very unlikely someone walks away on their own and how problematic it is to leave the club once you know too much. It's sad. The prognosis for Larry is not good.

  3. freddy said "I would like to see every BC HA member shot dead ASAP. They are behind a huge percentage of our gang/drug problems here, so let's just kill them all".

    Agreed. I think it's been proven that the police and the courts are no solution to the problem. Unfortunately we are hobbled by our own rules for civilized conduct and they are useless against uncivilized people.

    Every patched member, every prospect, every hangaround, and every identifiable employee of HA or any other criminal organization as common sense defines them needs to be rounded up and put on an old boat that is towed out to where the next artificial reef is planned for and the sea cocks opened. Plenty of food for the fish that will make this new reef their home, and those on board when it goes down will have the opportunity to contribute in death as they never did in life. It's big win all around....

  4. "SharQc fugitive Michel 'L'animal' Smith, accused in 22 Hells Angels murders, nabbed in Panama."

    "According to the RCMP, Smith is a member of the South Chapter of the Hells Angels and goes by the nickname "L'animal."

    "He's been on the run since 2009 in connection with the SharQc crackdown on the Hells Angels biker gang."

    "He faces 29 criminal charges – including 22 of murder."

    "Citing Panamanian local media and Agence France-Presse, the QMI news agency reported that Smith, 49, had been detained by police Friday evening in the Playa Coronado region, on the Pacific Ocean coast of the Central American nation."

    http://tinyurl.com/77msj4r (Prime Crime Time)

    Another Ouimet; the most serial murderers in Canada belong to one organization, the HA. Fatso Ouimet was ALSO charged with exactly 22 murders. It's a terrible blot on our Canadian *Justice* system, that we can't stop two guys, until they rack up 44 murders between them! And, as usual, we didn't catch them, the Mexicans got him, as the US. nailed C. Rouche.

    This gets back to my earlier point; if we had killed these two previously, we'd have saved the lives of dozens more!

  5. TR78: "...rounded up and put on an old boat that is towed out to where the next artificial reef is planned for and the sea cocks opened"

    Thank you for your kind response.

    But, we need trips to be far more visible; killing is a moral challenge for us; that can only be done if such action is supremely successful, and I feel your *out-of-sight* response will not deliver the necessary advice; so;...

    The trip is, to drive the bodies to Main & Hastings, ropes over the lampposts, hang 'em up, with the sign around each neck that says, "This was done to exterminate all drug-dealers." As the Cartels do in Mexico, they always leave signs.

    I'd predict at least one thousand such persons would exit BC in one week after such, to start with, and that is my goal.

  6. trailrunner78, you & I are on the same wavelength, what do you think of my more public plan above...?

    A couple of house-keeping matters, AK:

    1.: The new captcha's (letter verifications) are so VERY hard to read, they're quite a hassle to figure out right. Just a month ago, you had different, easy to comprehend captcha's. There's no need, once you have them, to use this new, very difficult to figger out, letters. Any chance of a return to your good, previous verifications, please...?

    2.: I was wondering if you know how many complex steps one must take, in the latest Browsers, to sign into the blog. Firefox HAS to accept 3rd party cookies to sign in, few folks accept all these cookies, so 1st, one must hit Firefox's *Options,* to check the 3rd party cookie box! Then when signing in, one just gets some weird "Blogger Dashboard", NOT the blog. Then, one must check off the blog, as it appears on the Dashboard, which THEN opens a second tab with the blog. Finally! Then, one must go into Firefox "Options" to re-set the 3rd party cookies to "Off".

    Usually, any blogger wants tons of comments, it shows how many are reading & fully committed to the blog. Comments add vastly to any blog. They are a real part of it.

    I wonder if there is any way to reset your own options/settings to lessen the work-load a bit? Thanks so much.

    1. 1) I didn't know it was changed. Must have been something blogger did.

      2) I didn't realize that. Some people have said they were having problems.

      Comments are great but I don't want it to turn into a free for all of threats and fighting.
      I'll take a look and see if there's anything I can do about it.

  7. freddy, sorry for the late response, I've been busy on another thread.... ;)

    I see your point and agree that it would be of great value for the public to see justice to be done. The reason I put forth the solution I did was simply a numbers thing, what goes up must come down eventually (and in worse shape than it went up) and someone has to accomplish that. Only then does the disposal aspect begin. Whereas with mine, it's "one stop shopping" as it were. Both methods would seem to have their strong and weak points, I'd say we could go with either, the most important consideration being that the job gets done.

  8. Agent K,
    Check this out: http://canlii.ca/t/fml7m

    Dare you to summarize and post........

  9. Dare me : ) Thanks for the link. He started off with break and enter and was caught smuggling 11 kilos of cocaine. Lost his appeal of a decision labeling him a danger to the Canadian Public. Does that mean his refugee status is going to be revoked?

  10. "Without speaking ill of the dead, he was responsible for laying a very serious beating on a 67-year-old man"

    The man he assaulted was Jack Card, an old gay guy weighing in at about 120 pounds who was involved in Vancouver's strip scene since Burlesque was popular.

    What a tough guy.


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