Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Trevor Jones’ indictment

Turns out that the three convictions in the massive ongoing Hells Angel cross border ring are new but Trevor Jones’ indictment isn’t. He was indicted back when the first arrests were made, except no one told us. So how long before Trevor is extradited? Can he be extradited from Argentina? Is he allowed to travel when he has been indicted in the US?

The sad thing is, we know this is not the first nor the last time the Hells Angels have been charged in a huge cross border drug ring. Weird Hal Porteous’ pal Robbie Shannon was busted for running a massive cross border drug ring for the Hells Angels not long ago. Now Tbarz and the Jones brothers are implicated in another huge cross border drug ring and Trevor in indicted.

We know that tons of assets in the US were seized. I wonder if any Canadian assets will be seized like the bar since it was the hub of the operation in Canada. The arrests and convictions in these two drug rings have shown us a few things. First that it continued after it was shut down. The Hells Angels controlled all the grow ops that were producing that much pot to be transported into the States and the Hells Angels control all the crack dealers that were selling the cocaine in Canada on the street as crack. Some of it was sold as cocaine. We know Vinnie had a thing for hookers and blow.

Since they control all the grow ops and the crack dealers, all they had to do if find another mule and that they did. While the Hells angels as an organization remain unscathed and untouched by the courts. If they ran then operation as an organization, then that criminal organization should be held accountable as an organization.

It’s like when they get caught hiring a hit man to kill someone. If the Hells Angels as an organization contract a murder, then that criminal organization needs to be charged and held accountable for that murder. I’m all for the freedom of association. It’s just that the freedom of association does not include the right to belong to a criminal organization and commit crime.

Ya had to feel sorry for Rob Shannon. He was living it large for a while but is doing some serious time in a US prison now while his employers run around business as usual. Except for Larry Amero. I guess now he’s limping and laying low.

Now I kinda feel sorry for Trevor. He really doesn’t seem like that bad of a guy. He certainly isn’t the alpha dog in that business arrangement. If you look at the ori9ginal registration for the Dank Energy Drink domain name, Trevor’s’ name was used but so was Randy’s e-mail address. That means Trevor couldn’t have set up up and can’t amend it. Only Randy can amend it because his e-mail is used for authentication because that is the e-mail they have on file.

It would appear that Randy set it up and put Trevor’s name on it. Just like how after I posted how Randy used his name and the e-mail tbarz81 to register the Tbarz domain. At that time it was registered in his name not Trevor’s. After I posted that, he changed it over to his mother’s name. Did that really change ownership of the domain? It wasn’t her e-mail address on file for authentication.

Makes you wonder why he has the land title of the bar in his mothers’ name. Well, not really. He’s trying to hide his ownership so it doesn’t get seized by the police. Hiding your assets like that during a divorce is illegal. So this time instead of a brother getting screwed it’s a real brother. A biological one. With friends like that, who needs enemies.

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