Monday, March 5, 2012

The murder of Terry Watts‏

Let's take a walk down memory lane. Remember the Christmas in Vancouver back in 1995? Sept. 11, 1996 there were some drug related murders in Abbostford. Maclean's claimed the Mounties struggled to keep a tight lid on other aspects of the case and "the gang's" role, not only in the Abbotsford massacre but also in the contract killings of two RCMP informants, Ernesto Albornoz in Montreal and Eugene Uyeyama in Vancouver.

In fact, Maclean's has learned, "the organization" is responsible for more than a dozen, possibly as many as two dozen, murders in Canada, including the August, 1996, shooting of former speed-skiing champion Terry Watts in Vancouver. And Morrisroe, a primary police source in at least nine of the homicides, was the RCMP's main pipeline into a Vancouver cell under the Cali cartel's control.

Terry Watts was killed over over an unpaid drug debt. So if he was killed for a drug debt, who was the drug debt to? The same people who killed Eugene Uyeyama? "The Boys" hired Bobby Moyes to kill him and sent wrapped Christmas presents of gasoline to burn him and his house after they killed him. It is my submission that "the Boys" they are referring to is the Hells Angels.

The court was told Salvatore Ciancio was the one who hired Bobby Moyes to kill the police informant after the was arrested in a large cocaine bust tied to Salvatore Ciancio's associate Tony Terezakis. Who as we all know was affiliated with you know who.

Tony Terezakis was the guy who video taped himself beating the life out of drug addicts for drug debts in East Vancouver. So my question is this - if they were killing police informants and killing people for drug debts back in 1995, who's doing it now? Please advise.

If Maclean's knew about this secret gang, if the police knew and if all the locals except for me knew, then why on earth did Vancouver city hall give the Hells angels $2 million out of social housing? I'm not talking about buying the Drake hotel from the Hells angels.I'm talking about giving them $2 million more than it was worth. That money was earmarked for social housing. That's like stealing from the poor and giving it to the rich.

And if everyone knew about all these drug related murders,why on earth did Stephen Harper promote a lawyer for the Hells Angels to the Quebec Supreme Court? Quebec of all places.You can't get any more offensive than that. They just went through all that effort to crack down on the Hells Angels and built that expensive high security courthouse for the trails and Harper goes and does something as insane as that.

Sure lawyers have a right to represent whoever they want. But why was the president of the Conservative party representing the Hells Angels? That's so Gomery and Gagliano.


  1. A Whistler, B.C. DJ who went missing almost two months ago has been found dead.

    Mike Grefner, 34, disappeared in the early morning hours of Jan. 17 after a night of partying in the Whistler Village. His body was discovered in a wooded area near the Alpine Meadows subdivision on Saturday.

    Mounties say there is no sign that Grefner met with foul play, but investigators are still looking into how he died. (CTV)

    Very worrying; it's SO bad for the Police to always assert there's NO evidence of foul play, in so many suspicious deaths, when NO autopsy has been done and they have no right to say this is not foul play.

    We once had a cabin in Alpine; & it's a big, huge sub-division; where you just can't get lost. Brightly lit up all night from street-lights & houses!

    I posted a while back on the RV bombing of 2 gangsters at Whistler; which under-scores its importance to organized crime drug sales and, no doubt, all of the HA escort services there.

    A DJ is at the heart of the club scene there; which is a huge drug scene, he could easily have been selling, or knew too much. Knowing Whistler, one would have to say a young male death in this way must be suspicious.

  2. Conservative Party of BC had, and for all we know, still has ties to the same problem in the past as Gangsters Out would suggest - better still would be that a 12" spike has been driven into a 1" x 1" piece of pine 'double dressed', on this matter!!


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