Saturday, March 31, 2012

Scott Jamieson’s Showgirls

Let’s take a look at Edmonton Hells Angel Scott Jamieson and his company Showgirls located in Edmonton. Kim Bolan spotted his hummer advertising his company at the Whiterock Hells Angels party in their Langley Clubhouse. 5 PM Saturday Kim Bolan recorded: One Hummer with Alberta plates advertises its business with detail painting: Showgirls Exotic Nightclub of Fort McMurray, Grande Prairie and Edmonton.

A Hells Angel from Edmonton associated with Grande Prairie and Fort McMurray. Now that is suspicious. We know that a Hells Angels’ puppet club in Grande Prairie called the Baseball team was recently involved in Grande Prairie’s largest cocaine bust. We also know that the Edmonton Hells Angels (51 – Edmonton Angels) supplied the White Boys Posse as they branched out from Edmonton trafficking cocaine in smaller towns all over northern Alberta.

We know that two patrons of Showgirls in Edmonton followed a mentally challenged mark after he left the club then robbed and beat the victim to death. The judge in that case noted the bouncer admitted he initially lied to police about the incident, but accepted that was explained by his fear that his manager could have been involved and the club was owned by the Hells Angels.

We know that Neil Patrick Cantrill, an Alberta Hells Angel was accused of the production and distribution of large amounts of methamphetamine. Court documents allege the Hells Angels are believed to be in control of "meth" sales in Fort McMurray.

We know that Two Hells Angels from the Edmonton chapter allegedly partnered up with a Fort McMurray drug kingpin to ensure his cocaine-trafficking operation ran smoothly. The full-patch Hells Angels were Alan Peter Knapczyk, 35, and John Reginald Alcantara, 37, and the head of the Fort McMurray drug gang was Jeffrey Mark Caines, 36, who plead guilty to trafficking cocaine.

Alcantara - who was handed a 14-year prison sentence after being convicted of conspiring to traffic cocaine - pleaded guilty to an identical charge. He admitted he had entered into an agreement to assist Caines traffic cocaine in Fort McMurray, but denied that Knapczyk was part of it. I.E. he took the fall for him.

The prosecutor alleged Alcantara, who was then a prospect for the Hells Angels and sponsored by Knapczyk, was the front man in the agreement and collected the weekly fee while Knapczyk was the enforcer behind the scenes.

Court heard the agreement involved the removal of any rivals of Caines' drug gang, ensuring other suppliers in the area did not undercut his business and the protection of Caines and his distributors for a weekly fee of $20,000.

"Essentially it gave Caines free rein to supply cocaine in the specified area and protection for those he supplied," said Hrabcak. "In return he paid a fee or tax to the individuals. The reputation of the Hells Angels was used to enforce the agreement." That makes it a criminal organization alright.

The Hells Angels were convicted of doing the same thing in Winnipeg. Not only did they profit from selling the Zig Zag crew cocaine which they in turn sold as crack, but they also collected dues or protection money from them to eliminate rivals in the drug trade. That pattern keeps repeating itself across the country as they branch out and take over the drug trade in smaller towns and communities.

Clearly Scott Jamieson’s Showgirls in Edmonton appears to be the same hub in Edmonton that Tbarz in Surrey is for the Jones brothers drug trafficking operation. Seize the bar. Word is on the street that the Edmonton PD is still struggling with allegations of passing on information to the Hells Angels. Maybe that’s why they were suppressing homicide stats by calling a SUV riddled with bullets as a suspicious death instead of a homicide.

What I really want to know is in one hand we have strippers and blow. In the other hand we have crack and hoes. There was a girl who went missing from Edmonton. Shannon Collins Her sister was told she was working in the sex trade industry for the Hells Angels.

Sadly enough, just like the Surrey house of horrors, Georgina Papin from Edmonton’s remains ended up on the Pickton farm. She frequented Showgirls. Just like Stephanie Lange from the Orange Number Five in East Van did. The Orange Number Five was run by the Hells Angels as well. There also seems to be a few missing women from the Edmonton area. If the Hells Angels control the drug trade and the strippers in Edmonton, do they control the prostitution there as well?


  1. I know the domain has been around since 2000 but using that email could cause issues if someone hacked the server and forwarded that email to some where else and stole/hijacked the domain.

    LOL redirect it to a rival "social club"

  2. I worked at showgirls from the mid 1990's to the early 2000's.

    It was started by a wannbe biker named Kevin Dwyer. He sold the club to Scotty after he pissed of Dom, how was at the time the chapter president of the Edmonton HA's.

    The Angels used it as Church for a few years and moved a lot of meth and coke through the place.

    It's been radied at least once and an anarchists cookbook was found in the Saskatoon location.

    EPD has no interest in closing it down or doing anything about the HA's, they have been on the take for years and regularly send HA's over to rival drug dealers to shake them down.

    Not only do the HA's have people in EPD, but also Alberta justice and other LEA in the province.

    Scotty served time in the 90's for dealing a large amount of coke to an undercover RCMP, and went away for awhile. Leopards and spots right?

  3. Thanks for the update. Sad to hear things haven't changed at the EPD. They were publically accused of supplying the Hells angels with information years ago. One would have hoped it would have improved by now.

    1. so do you block alternate opinions

    2. Sometimes not always. There is plenty of case law to demonstrate the Hells Angels are a criminal organization that sell drugs and murder rival drug dealers. I don't have the time of day for idiots who try and pretend otherwise. They can do that on their own blog.

  4. I see you have already desided that the truth doesnt matter and that you are the judge and jury for Scott Jamieson ..Scott is one member of the Hells Angels ,, under your system if a german shepard bites someone then all shepards are visious ,or if a dozen cops are charged for child porn all cops are peidafiles , just as these things are not true niether is it tru that all members of the Hells Angels are involved in all facits of thier fellow members biusness..
    you are loading all the sinns of the Hells Angels on the one publicly high visibility member for the sake of sensationalism..
    Scott went to Grande Cache for 6 months on a consperousy charge (public record)his parole ended in Jan 01 ,,,he does not now nor has he every been owner of record on ShowGirls ,
    your poster D.busenl states he was personally present at Showgirls during Scotts time as GM (paid possition as general manager for all three clubs)also public record ,
    He is an out right lier,,Scott was not a hells angel in the early 2000s he was not a Hells Angel untill a few yrs later at the time he went to jail he was a Rebel when they became Angels he was not talen in also public record and easy to find in the Sun archives..
    also know that after his takeing over the GM position at Showgirls he made the sale of use of drugs on the property a fireing offence no exeptions , the young man who was killed was not killed on showgirls property he was killed outside his home three blocks away ,,yes by two men who were at showgirls but were not regulars ,and it was the video survalance system chich Scott has installed that ID the men for the police go ahead and post your blogg but please be honest enouph to get the facts right ,,as for my being an idiot no sweat you are intittled to you opinion but your failure to post truthfull infomation is just showing that you dont give a shit .... i will end with this thought ,,if you post the half true crapp you post does that mean all bloggers are the same and dont care if there is any basis in fact for hier posts..

  5. This is what I mean about not having the time of day for this kind of ridiculous and offensive nonsense. You state one poster is a liar because he stated Jamison was a member of the Hells Angels when he bought the club. Yet you admit that Jamison is now a member of the Hells Angels which means he had to be an associate at the time. From my reading of the post you claim is a lie, it claimed Dom was the president of the Edmonton HAs not Jamison which would make you the liar for making a false allegation.

    You also admit that Jamison has a criminal record from when he was with the Rebels that patched over. The Edmonton Hells Angels have many drug convictions and are deeply entrenched in the drug trade. They supplied the whiteboy posse who recently decapitated a man from Lloydminster in Edmonton for a drug debt. You sir are full of shit and you know it.

  6. 1987 Rebels clubhouse was ripped off ...I was informed about this a couple years ago ...all these years wondering what was over my head behind my back ..hearing the story from the father who was protecting his son ...why blame two young ladies .


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