Friday, March 2, 2012

Bill McKinnon's daughter arrested for drug trafficking

Well this is a bizarre new development. Lisa McKinnon, 22, who now resides in Richmond, was arrested Tuesday along with a 19-year-old Kelowna woman Tuesday in Kelowna. According to court documents, McKinnon faces two charges of possession for the purpose of trafficking in heroin and cocaine. Lisa is the daughter of Kelowna RCMP Superintendent, Bill McKinnon. Flewelling says once investigators realized who they were dealing with steps were taken to isolate Supt. McKinnon from the investigation. "Supt. McKinnon was not aware of what was going on and that the investigation was allowed to go on keeping in mind the integrity of the investigation," says Flewelling. He says this should not be seen as a black mark on the Kelowna Detachment but underscores the fact drugs and crime can affect anyone. "I think it speaks to the point that criminality and drugs is something we all have to face. Any one of us are not immune from that type of thing," says Flewelling. "We are all susceptible to drugs and what it can do. He and his wife are not different. They're victims, they're parents. I can't stress that enough. They are at home dealing with it."


  1. I read your blog all the time and I consider it a positive value most of the time. I recently went through a very similar situation with my daughter in Kelowna and Cheryl McKinnon (Bill's wife and and an RCMP officer) was an amazing person of support throughout the whole ordeal. BOTH of the McKinnon's are perfect examples of what is right with the RCMP. Don't let their daughter's actions represent who they are. My daughter comes from a loving, supportive home and we never, ever, expected that she would be in the situation that she is in. I am sure the McKinnon's would say the same. ALL of our kids are susceptible to the scum that run the drug world. This is not a lower/middle/upper class problem. This is a community problem. Instead of asking for transfers, you should be pointing out that no one is immune and that this is a perfect example of that.

  2. Thank you for the feedback. Any parents kids can turn to drugs. My concern is Bill McKinnon's endorsement of Dave Habib knowing what that family is and has been involved with. That was not only inappropriate, it was bizarre. It would mean he is either out of touch or being blackmailed. Either way, a transfer would do everyone involved good.

  3. If there is anything of value to be taken from this, it's that no one is immune from the effects of this HA-spread plague. I'm not gonna yea or nay on a transfer but I'd lean toward a bit of understanding for the parents right now. Maybe it's been a wake-up call for them, and him as far as who he'll endorse.

    Bottom line is this plague will never be eliminated completely, but we could sure knock it down to a level where it exists only on the fringes of society by eliminating the rats who carry the disease. But first the will to do so is required. At the moment that doesn't exist, and so we go on....

  4. This was posted on November 30th, 2011. This is old news. Nothing polices the people faster than the people. Criminals and law enforcement exist in a cause and effect situation. Without one there would be no need for the other, perpetuating their existence. I mean if there is no problem, then there is no need for a solution. The police need the gangsters just as bad as they pretend to want them locked up. The only way for the police to get a bigger budget (paycheck) is to prove a need for their services. Its only obvious that the ones with the guns and power (police+gangs) pretend to oppose one another but fight to achieve the same goals. And it is the rest of us (civilians and citizens) that fall by the wayside and get chewed up and spit out by the big red, blue, yellow and white machine. The ONLY way to fix the problems we face is COMMUNITY. So know your neigbors, protect your family and dont act so rude next time someone strikes up a friendly conversation, they might just be trying to figure out who's team you are on. POWER TO THE PEOPLE. OLD NEWS is not news.


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