Friday, March 9, 2012

Canada unwelcoming to apartheid heroes

On the subject of racism, there’s a concerning article of the front page of the Epoch Times. It claims Canada unwelcoming to apartheid heroes. Seemingly there is an effective visitor visa ban on members of the apartheid-era African National Congress (ANC).

The ban seems to be related to criminal convictions handed down by apartheid South African government for membership in the ANC, which was outlawed for decades in South Africa.

OK let me get this straight. We all remember apartheid. That was when a corrupt group of racist pigs took over the government of South Africa and discriminated against Blacks in their own country. The world put them under sanctions as a result. We’re going to take their word on anything? That’s like the current dictator in Syria outlawing any opposition and us denying any of the protesters visas to enter Canada. It is absurd. It's like banning the armed rebels in Libya the allied forces helped overthrow Gaddafi from entering Canada.

Nelson Mandela was a political prisoner for years. He was a member of the ANC. After Mandela’s 1990 release from prison, he was elected president of ANC and went on to become South Africa’s first black president after the historic 1994 election. Does that mean Nelson Mandela is not allowed to get a visa to enter Canada? This is both bizarre and offensive. Obviously it’s an oversight but it needs to be corrected immediately.

How about those racist pigs who supported apartheid in the first place? Have they been banned from getting visa to enter Canada? I think not despite the fact that ban would be far more appropriate.

I know two white South Africans living in Canada. Aside from being arrogant, they are racist. All they do is complain about how Africa has gone down hill since they let Mandela out of prison and gave blacks the right to vote. That is totally offensive.

If you don’t like black people then stay the fuck out of their country. If you don’t like black people then leave them alone. Done invade their county and exploit them by turning them into slaves. That is so wrong.

We need to completely reverse this precedent. We need to allow members of the NAC visas to get into Canada and give them our most sincerely apologies while we ban the racists apartheid supporters who enslaved and exploited them for so many years.

Nelson Mandela: as they used to say in West Belfast, Happy Birthday comrade.


  1. Oh Canada, when did you get so brainwashed?
    no wonder we are in serious trouble here, with Democracy dead and like Ross B says, we missed the obituary....

    what is the plot that is being mapped out here by the Libs and our Leaders?

  2. Thanks for the link. I too was very disappointed in Diane Watts "Christy Clark" position on Bush coming to Surrey.

  3. thank you Agent K 4 all you bring forward and 4 educating us...

    there is a reason why nobody really likes 2 touch on the subject in more detail, I gather the media has hell 2 pay or won't get these "frivolous" bribes/cheques when letting the cat out of the bag...
    the back room deals with Bush will eventually backfire on them the slate, we need that whistle blower to deny the bribes and do the right thing and let us in on the scam.
    why too many people take the easy way out and run with the "generous bandage" is beyond me and my understanding or what is right and wrong.

    I feel that the Tories as well as the Liberals have sold us to the highest bidder, that being the States, and we the people are hanging in between borders, I love the States and many Americans, they don't deserve to be lied to and neither do we, it is like a marriage between 2 people, Canada is one and the States is the other, but we are still individuals, don't clone us.

    just like I would have never wanted to be German (i love lots of my German friends), I am Swiss (I am sure Germans don't want to be Swiss) don't mix the 2, no difference here, don't mix Canada with the USA.

    We stand Tall as Individual Countries

  4. Maggie: "...with Democracy dead (in Canada)"

    Maggie, Maggie, a Gov't. freely and fairly won an election, and you hate them, so you think Parliament has shut down & no more elections will ever be held; with the new Harper Fascist Dictatorship proroguing Parliament and opening concentration-camps for dissenters? You comments are just ridiculously over-the-top!

    The Harper boys win EVERY time folks like you show the sheer craziness of his opposition; stop the internet yelping; and do as I; get fully involved with an opposition party and during the next campaign (yes, there WILL be one!) work 18 hours/day, 7 days/week to defeat him!

    1. Freedy, Freddy, do as I do.... love to,
      why don't u do as I do? before u judge me u should get 2 know me...
      where do u live? lets us hear it...
      opposition? which opposition are u so keen about?
      common sense is unfortunately very uncommon..
      who won freely and fairly an election?
      Democracy is dead, the sooner you face that the better.

    2. Sorry Maggie, everybody likes to shoot from the hip. I share your concerns. I understand Freddy's point that Canada is still very much a democracy in that we do have reasonably above board elections. Yes pandora's box has been opened with the robocall scandal and the whole obsession with spending tax dollars on political propaganda to brainwash the public instead of referendums and polls. Thanks for the links. I had lost the link to Laila's blog. What a sweetheart she is. Ross Buchanan is solid as well. Glad to see he is pressing forward. He had my vote. I'll add the links.

  5. "before u judge me u should get 2 know me...
    where do u live?"

    In Antarctica, where folks still write in correct english...

  6. Maggie: "Democracy is dead, the sooner you face that the better."

    Hey, repetition is a surefire analytical tool. Of course, with an election coming up in BC, and others all over Canada, one might think it would be hard to justify these words. But no, not only are you deluded, but you expect everyone else to accept your delusions.
    Canadian elections are free & fair (as they would be found by any international voting monitoring organization) and take place constantly so you are quite obviously wrong.

    But hey, you've divided the world into *good* left-wing political parties, and *bad* center or right-wing political parties. If a *wrong,* bad party wins an election, then in your deluded mind "democracy" is no longer here.

    When the BC election is held next year, will that be an example of democracy being *dead*? Huh...?

    Pete Townshend of "The Who" had types like you pegged years back, when he sang, "I know the Hypnotized never lie."

  7. AND, guess what, Maggie, YOU have ALL the answers; right in your head, don't you...? You just know you have the solution to every single political issue, it's called, "Being Queen for a day." Saying, "If only I was in charge, I'd make everything right right now." and do you know how old people who think like that are? Ten years old.

  8. Be nice. Whatever happened to letting someone vent : )

  9. That IS being nice, AK, I didn't even swear once!

    For the real deal; watch me in higher-level History faculty seminars, where it's for my GPA, for the cash I spent to get there. There, no holds are barred and I'm going to win.

    Making public statements like "there is no Democracy in Canada" is a gimme, someone's just crying out to get nailed hard.

    When I got here, way back, there were, like, no comments; all you got was the vicious, wannabe HA enthusiasts, swearingly threatening you.

    Now you've got some normal people & your comments sections are great!

  10. I agree the statement there is no Democracy in Canada might be hard to accept, but I do think that our Democracy in Canada has been very much diminished. Stephen Harper is no Preston Manning. The reform party talked about free votes for the caucus and encouraged MPs to poll their constituents for how to vote on an issue. That is VERY far removed from what Stephen Harper encourages.

    Despite the fact that we have democratic elections in Canada, the whole concept of election fraud is something that needs to be addressed. In Florida it was widespread. They even used fraudulent voter software and stopped a recount when it looked like the person who got the most votes, didn't become President. That is significant. Over 30,000 complaints about Robocalls is significant. Then there's the whole obsession with spending tax dollars on commercials to tell us how to vote on an issue like the HST. Canada is still a democracy but that democracy has been diminished and our liberty is at state. Especially when we hand over our sovereignty to huge corporations in bizarre trade agreements that remove our democratic rights.

    As for being nice I meant Maggie is a nice lady. We want to welcome diverse opinions not scare people by hurting their feelings.


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