Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Whiterock Hells Angels Drug Ring

What do we know about the Whiterock Hells Angels? We know they have a clubhouse in Langley and they threw a party there at Jabba’s Palace. We also know three members of the Whiterock chapter of the Hells Angels – Randy Jones, Larry Amero and Villy Lynnerup. Three unlikely associates part of a drug dealing business machine.

Keeping in mind, the drug trafficking ring tied to the Whiterock Hells Angels where Randy and Tbarz were implicated and Trevor was indicted, was transporting and distributing 450 to 1,000 kg of marijuana and 100 to 200 kg of cocaine every month for at least five years. That is a huge operation.

Villy is a bit different. He’s more of a thug. Sure he can get on a plane with a briefcase of papers connecting the Outcasts to the East Vancouver Hells angels and the Jesters to the Whiterock Hells angels but that really doesn’t make him a businessman. He’s the sergeant at arms. Villy was accused of breaking all the windows in a guys car with a baseball bat. The victim wouldn’t testify against him so the charges were dropped.

Larry’s not as much of a businessman as Randy Jones or Bob Green but he plays his role. In fact, he’s a player. His boat was the one that said Steroids and Silicone. You can’t get any more shallow than that. Given Larry’s build one would think he likes steroids. Didn’t make him bullet proof though. Larry was shot with Jonathon Bacon in Kelowna.

That shooting pretty much confirmed our earlier suspicions about Larry being friends with Jonathon. It wasn’t just a matter of being caught together. They were racing all over Lake Okanagan in Kelowna making a big scene challenging people to fight on a house boat. Before they were shot they came out of the closet with their relationship in a very big way. They weren’t just publicizing it, they were bragging about it.

So here’s the math. If Jonathon Bacon was a drug dealer and Larry Amero is with the Whiterock Hells Angels, what was Jonathon doing with Larry? Larry does have a criminal record for drug production. Kinda makes ya wonder who was supplying the Bacon brothers. We know it wasn’t the UN.

Randy Jones being implicated in that huge cross border drug trafficking ring would pretty much set the stage for their drug operations. Tbarz was implicated as the hub of that drug trafficking ring. So what is it with the Hells Angels, strip bars and drug trafficking? They seem to go hand in hand. It makes you wonder what else they’re involved in.

We know that back in the day when the Surrey house of horrors was in full operation, all the crack houses in the area bought from the Hells angels. Support Whiterock gear was prevalent. There was a pool hall beside where Tbarz is now that they use to sell out of. Right by where Paul’s Piercings in now. What a winner that guy is. Not. It’s a lot safer to go to West Coast Piercings than Paul the Pervert. So there we have it. The Businessman, the Thug and the Player. All fulfilling their role in the huge cross border drug trafficking ring. Seize the bar. And the clubhouse. Carpe Diem.

Honourable mention goes to Little Whiterock Ryan and the Chipmunks who raps about the Hells Angels and is also connected to Weird Hal Porteous. Weird Hal was of course tied to convicted cocaine smugglers Rob Shannon and Jody York. Come to think of it, Jody's house in Langley was shot at too just like Bob Green's cousin Len Pelletier.

Jody and Rob were both doing the same pot for cocaine run on behalf of the Hells Angels. Larry Amero, and Little Ryan posed with Weird Hal in that promo picture for Revolution Martial Arts. Little Ryan was also associated with Ryan Chiappe, Kalib Starnes and Rob Velek. We know that Revolution Martial Arts was tied to the Hells Angels as well as Kevin LeClair who was a Bacon Brother associate. Imagine that.


  1. Thanks MD that's all good info. I can't find the high five account though. Is there something else I'm supposed to search for? Cheers.

  2. rob is also known as Troller short for controller

  3. Short for? Is that a play on words : )

  4. Any more articles available about the Hells Angels connections with the Red Scorpions gang? Thanks

    1. If you type in Red Scorpions in the search box on this blog you should find lots. Before the Surrey Six the RS worked for the UN. After the Surrey Six they worked for the HAs. I'll search through the archives and post some links here over the weekend.

  5. These guys are finished now with the new gov civil forfeiture powers. Next they going after them personally. Just seized East Van club house among two others. That says to me they gov is done with the club. They thought they could get ahead and turns out they just tightened the noose around their own necks.

  6. Are they still trying to extradite Randy and his brother and what about these others in the image with Larry? Is Villy even still in the club?


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